FK Bosna 0 - 5 Medina IF

20 May, 2017 - 12:00

3 more points to the scoreboard.

After our excellent win against last week division leaders, we faced FK Bosna away, a match where our biggest challenge where the mental part of the game, as we needed to follow up last weeks performance.

As i said many times; we play our game for 90+ minutes and give a 100%, then after we see what the result will be, no matter whom we play against.

But as i feared we didnt start with the right mentality and after 4 minutes they had 2 chances allready.

Sometimes good things comes out of bad situations, thats a qoute that sticks for this game as we got a penalty against us after 5 minutes and a red card, so a man under for 85 minutes.

But to our luck they missed the penalty and we hit back 5 min later with a header from Arber Ab , and then again 5 min after that, with a new header from Eldon En , so we woke up and wanted to do the work. And two goals from headers are not common from Medina 😉

But our style of play was no where to be found with a man under and on a pitch that drained even the most athletic players, so we took the consequenses and change style of play to more direct counter play and formation to 3-4-2(5-2-2) to keep the 0 and Secure the win in the second half.

The direct play worked as Bosna needed to go forward and after 75 min Eldon scored again on a counter, witch also was the case 10 min later when Arber scored a fantastic goal from the distance in to the top corner.

Ali Assaf closed the match after another counter at 90 min.

We didnt play well to day and need to get our minds straith again as this mentality and play doesnt hold up to win 3 points one more time.

We all have good and bad games, but Winners win both..

So the silverlinning is that its positive to win 5-0 even when we doesnt play well..

// Your Coach