Medina IF 2 - 0 Gantofta IF

13 May, 2017 - 13:00

On a sunny saturday the premises was set, we had to meet the division leaders whom had maximum point and goalscore of 28 to 4, they had swept away all competition on their way untill today.

We came from a devistading and unlycky loss the match before and therefore had no other option than to take 3 points, anything other would be a dissapointment towards our season goal, we needed these points to keep up with the leaders of the division.

From the first whistle blow you could se the focus in our Medina players eyes, there willingness to run the extra meters in defense to stand correct according to the tactics they have practiced, the calmness in offense under pressure to ensure we played on the pitch within the team as our philosofi demands.

As we knew and it showed right away, this was a match between 2 teams from the top of the division, both tactical and disciplined.

We worked to control the match as we agreed on as we knew they would push for long balls, so we stood in a low defense with tight zones and it worked excellent, when they tried to pass it through our mittfield they intelligent and aggressively pushed up, broke there Line of play to leave them with the option to chip it forward where our central defenders took it down an converted it into possession.

In offense we played with patience and with the right pace as Gantofta was giving us a run for the money, they was disciplined in their defensive zones and didnt make much room for us to play in, but the entire team kept their cool and played as we agreed upon, found the spaces and created the chances we needed.

Transitions wise, is where i as a coach was most proud, no one cheated, we reacted right away with discipline comming behind the ball and pushed in and from side to side.

Communicating to each other, helping, motivating, doing the job in the different areas of the game.

We talked about beliving that we could come first on each ball and do the work to reach it, which resultet in our first goal where Eldon En in a rage of believe came first on the ball and placed it for 1-0.

We where strong all the way around, both in the start 11, but also on the bench, which showed when substituting in the later part of the game.

عدي العويتي came in a stage where the tactical discipline was lacking a little from Gantofta as they needed to push for a goal and with an excellent solo trip he secured the 2-0 victory.

A Real team victory and as a coach i couldnt be more proud on how you followed the tactics, and your mentality was excellent today.

We set a higher standard in this game, now we need to follow up on this next week and add to it, as the season in long and we cant lean back an be satisfied before the end of the season.

Thanks for making my week, see you all on monday.

Your Coach